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Tweakers (often abbreviated as is a Dutch website featuring news and information about hardware, software and the Internet. The website was founded in 1998 by Femme Taken, a computer enthusiast, under the name World of Tweaking as a student's hobby project to offer a Dutch alternative to hardware review sites like Tom's Hardware Guide. The verb "tweaking" in the title refers to the process of tweaking the hardware of a computer, as a form of optimisation. Thus, the site's visitors are called tweakers, not to be confused with methamphetamine users. has grown substantially since its conception. Nowadays, it publishes news, reviews, features and video reports about technology subjects, with a strong focus on the Netherlands. is often regarded as the Dutch clone of Slashdot albeit with a stronger Windows orientation than Slashdot. has more features for the computer enthusiast, such as reviews, bi-monthly Best Buy guides, a classifieds section for jobs and used hardware, the Pricewatch and the Shop Survey, among others. While the majority of the reviews are written in Dutch, there are several articles translated into English because they cover a non-standard topic.

As of March 2006, has been taken over by the Dutch media conglomerate VNU, now known as The Nielsen Company. However, VNU Media has become owner of the website after The Nielsen Company had sold its Business Media division to private equity firm 3i.


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